CHOTA: Children of the Apocalypse (CHOTA) are a defiant heretical group who vehemently oppose order.

Primary Skills: Armor Use, Athletics, Dodge, Melee, Mutagenics,
Patho-Transmission, Primal, Thermal Manipulation, Weaponry

Secondary Skills: Animal Training, Armorcraft, Cooking, Empathic,
Nature, Group Tactics, Pistol, Rifle, Stealth, Suppression
Techs: are a group of scientists & engineers who are restoring the world through technological knowledge.

Primary Skills: Armorcraft, Ballistics, Enhancement, Mutagenics, Geology,
Nano-Manipulation, Pistol, Science, Thermal Manipulation
Secondary Skills: Armor Use, Dodge, First Aid, Medicine, Rifles, Sonic Manipulation, Suppression,
Telekinesis, Telepathy, Weaponry
Enforcers: are the militaristic body of FE.  They are based upon strict values of organization and control.

Primary Skills: Armor Use, Armorcraft, Ballistics, Dodge, First Aid, Group Tactics, Pistols, Rifles, Suppression
Secondary Skills: Animal Training, Athletics, Empathic, Geology, Medicine,
Melee, Nano-Manipulation, Science, Stealth, Weaponry
Travelers: are the gypsies of the new world.  They travel from place to place, peddling their wares,
trying to make as much money as possible.

Primary Skills: Cooking, Athletics, Dodge, Melee, Pistol, Science, Sonic Manipulation, Stealth, Telepathy
Secondary Skills: Armor use, Armorcraft, Ballistics, Enhancement, Geology, First Aid, Nano-Manipulation,
Nature, Rifle, Weaponry
Lightbearers: are a group of spiritual sages who are dedicated  martial arts and enlightenment.

  Primary Skills: Dodge, Empathic, First Aid, Mutagenics, Medicine, Melee,
Stealth, Telekinesis, Telepathy
Secondary Skills: Armorcraft, Athletics, Group Tactics, Nature, Primal, Science,
Sonic Manipulation, Suppression, Thermal Manipulation, Weaponry
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